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Princess of Cup's Tarot Journal

Princess of Cups
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Hi everyone! I'm Amber. I'm an eccentric teenage girl with a passion for reading tarot. I especially love to read for other people, and I have a record of being pretty accurate! I'm always looking to build my tarot reading skills, and doing readings for myself and other people really helps.

Would you like a free tarot reading?

Here's some info on the types of readings I will and won't do:

*I'll read about relationships, love, family, careers, money, education, your emotions, spirituality, pets, almost anything! But...
*I WILL NOT read about legal matters, health, missing persons or objects, or loved ones who have passed away
*Readings will generally be between 5 and 12 cards, depending on the question
*I use a variety of decks, and I will be happy to provide a list of them if you'd like to choose one yourself for the reading!
*Like all tarot readers, psychics, and other such advisors, I am not always 100% accurate
*I can do readings about time, but I can be specific only in the near future (within 2-6 months at most). I can give a general idea of things in the more distant future.

It's important to remember that tarot cards are only messages. They are not set in stone, and they are not always correct. Your fate is always in your own hands, but the tarot is a helpful tool to guide you.

Interested in a reading? Email me!

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for the outcomes of or decisions you make due to the readings I give you. As I mentioned above, your fate is your own, and you are capable of making your own decisons. Thus, by asking me to read for you, you agree to not hold me responsible.